Q. How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?
A. Generally carpets should be cleaned between 12-18 months. However, in some cases they need it more regularly.

Q. What Is The Difference Between DRY CLEANING And STEAM CLEANING?
A. STEAM CLEANING, which the worlds leading carpet manufacturer Shaw Industries recommends, uses a process where cleaning agent is applied to the carpets with a sprayer and then extracted with a hot water rinse into a holding tank. This method of cleaning removes all residues and gets deep down into fibers. Dry cleaning uses a rotary machine where a pad is applied to the bottom of. The carpet can be sprayed with solution or the pad can be soaked and sqeezed slightly before putting the pad on the driving brush and buff the carpet. This pad absorbs limited dirt. Shaw Industries recommend in their maintanence brochure that this type of method NOT be used on carpets as it leaves soapy residue and may distort some types of fibers.

Q. How Long Does The Carpet Take To Dry?
A. There are a lot of variables. Humidity, density of carpets, cold or hot days, and air flow all have effects on this. As a rough guide, you can expect your carpets to be dry between 4-12hrs. However, they can be walked on virtualy straight away as long as you have clean soles.

Q. Can All Stains Be Removed?
A. Unfortunately some stains are permanent and can not be removed. We will advise you upon booking as to which ones you may have that can be corrected.

Q. What Guarantee Does Xtreme Clean Provide?
A. If you are unhappy with the clean, we will re-clean the carpet for you. If you are still unhappy, we will refund your money.

Q. How Often Do I Need My Upholstery Cleaned?
A. Normally 18-24 months, however more regularly if needed.

Q. Does Regular Steam Cleaning Wear The Fibres Of My Carpets?
A. NO. Dirt acts as an abraisive when trapped in your carpets causing it to wear prematurely. Regular Steam cleaning protects your investment. 

Q. Do I Need To Move My Furniture?
A. We will move most furniture such as lounge suites, tables, chairs, beds on wheels. We advise that you move any breakables and nicknacks which may be laying around. 

Q. What Is The Difference Between A Spot And A Stain?
A. A spot is a superficial substance that is on the external of the fibre, such as dirt, grease, food etc. A stain is more advanced and depending on the type may be correctable or not.